The Canyon Meadows Community Association operates two community halls:

The Lloyd Hand (Main) Hall has a fully stocked commercial kitchen and would be suitable for rent for larger corporate functions, family reunions and weddings.




The Canterbury Hall has an upper level with a small, warming kitchen with a dishwasher, fridge and is stocked with dishware. Tables and chairs are also available in this room. This space works well for smaller events and birthday parties.

The Canterbury Hall has a lower level which functions as a meeting room with some open floor space.


The Canterbury Hall also houses a heated rink room that services two ice rinks with boards and lights and a pleasure rink. The rink room and concession are currently run by volunteers as schedules permit. The rink room and rinks are available with membership, this helps to cover the cost of maintenance. This space is also available to rent for team or personal parties.

Liquor licenses are the responsibility of the renter.

For rental enquiries, or rink schedules, please contact our hall manager.

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