Community Member
of the Month
The Griffin Family

August 2021

Congratulations to our Community Members of the Month for August: Colleen, Devin, Jasper and Olivia Griffin.


Ever since moving to Canyon Meadows ten years ago, the Griffins have been involved in countless ways. They have shown great community spirit by participating enthusiastically at community events and lending a hand.  The whole family has pitched in, and as their family grew, so did the number of volunteers in Canyon Meadows – lucky us!  It is wonderful to see kids helping and growing up with the notion that volunteering is a way of life, and a way to connect with the community around you.

Colleen served on the CMCA Board for two years starting in 2017 and is excited to see the community and the Community Association continue to develop.  “I’m happy to see new board members joining up. I think it’s good to see a multitude of people getting that experience and connecting with the community.  I joined the board because it’s a way of finding out what’s going on in the community, and how things work.  How does managing the hall work?  How does a Community Association function as a non-profit?”  While learning, Colleen found a way to contribute from her own unique perspective.  She had studied fine art in university, so she helped organize a successful Christmas craft fair. “That’s sort of my jam.  It was something that I always wanted to see in every community: more local artisans and craftspeople.  I really hope that event continues.”

Through her work on the Community Association, Colleen built up her interest in Community Development.  She recently completed a course through the Community Development Learning Institute and is now working with her neighbor to brainstorm ways to revitalize the Rexall Business Plaza. They are trying to think of ways to make it a more community-friendly space.  This Spring they put up balloons and signs to celebrate the graduates from E.P. Scarlett, and they are thinking up more projects, from picnic tables to community art hives. “There is no shortage of ideas!”

Devin, a graphic designer by trade, was selected to redesign the CMCA website to give it an updated look and more functionality. “I was looking for ways that I could contribute to the neighborhood”. Devin also redesigned the Community Association logo, helped facilitate the online membership feature, and has contributed his design talents to many event posters and other community promotional materials.  He is always a phone call away and willing to lend a hand when the CMCA Board needs direction with the website.  Devin is an asset in today’s modern world.

Colleen says she got involved in the community for her kids and her family. She wanted them to feel a sense of belonging.  “Being human is needing connection, and community is connection.  If you’re new to Calgary, or new to Canada, or new to parenting, or whether you are a senior, or if your family is far away… I think community is always important and it increases your quality of life.  That’s why I like getting involved and encouraging others to get involved.”

We couldn’t agree more – and are super grateful for the Griffins’ contributions to the collective quality of life in Canyon Meadows over the years!  If you have ideas to revitalize the Rexall Business Plaza, please email Colleen at

                                                                                                     Article by Dina Katsnelson

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