Community Member
of the Month
Thilly Pronk

March 2021

This month we recognize Thilly Pronk as our Community Member of the Month. Thilly has been involved with Canyon Meadows for almost two decades, starting in 2002, when her friend Faye Rundle invited her to volunteer at Bingo.

Thilly is a committed volunteer and has played many different roles over the years. She is always ready with a hello and a smile
when you run into her at the hall.

Despite not living in the neighborhood, Tilly has continued to be involved in the Canyon Meadows community. She has spent many hours helping run our Bingo events, including the organization and recruitment of other volunteers; each event requires 13 people to operate! Now that Bingo, like everything else, has gone virtual, Thilly continues to help run the event online.

In addition to supporting our Bingo events, which help keep the lights on at the centre, she lends a hand with setup for AGMs and other major events. “I do what needs to be done,” Thilly says. “If I’m at the hall and I can do it, I’ll do it.”

For the most part, Thilly is driven by the desire to help and be of service to others. Of course via volunteering, she also has had the opportunity to meet new people and witness some exciting moments – once at Bingo, someone won $20,000! But it’s the work itself and the people she meets that keep Thilly coming back and helping our community thrive.

Thanks for all you do, Thilly!

Article by Dina & Roman Katsnelson

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