Stampede in September – Celebrating 50 Years of Community Spirit

It’s our Birthday – let’s celebrate!


Is this event for CMCA Members only?
No, everyone is welcome!  Bring a friend, tell your neighbor, forward this link.  It’s our birthday, let’s celebrate!

Do we have to wear a mask?
You will need to wear a mask to use the bathrooms, as they are inside the building.  Masks are not required outside, but we recommend them for high traffic areas such as lineups, petting zoo, inflatables, etc.

Do we have to dress in western wear?
No, cowboy hat optional.  But we will be passing out small prizes for folk who go that extra mile!

Will the event still happen if it’s raining?
What’s Stampede without a little rain… dress for the weather, it’s happening!

Is this a free event?
This is a free event.  Expect to pay for the YYC Food trucks, as well as face painting & henna artists ($10/ticket).  The beer garden will be $5/drink all evening, budget accordingly.  Everything else is free in celebration of our 50th.

Are minors allowed in the Beer Gardens?
Minors are allowed in the Ice Rink Area, in front of the band, hay bale seating, dance floor & chalk art at the South end of the rink.  The Beer Garden will be set up at the North end of the rink, and this is an adults only area.  Adults may bring their drinks outside the Beer Garden area, but they may not leave the Ice Rink Area with their drinks.

The event is finished.

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