Reduce Your Plastic Use for Waste Reduction Week

Did you know that small plastic items can’t be recycled in your blue cart? They are too small to be sorted properly at the recycling facility. By reducing your use of these plastics you can help reduce plastic litter, keep plastics out of our waterways and protect our wildlife.

Straws: Straws suck! When ordering your drink tell your server that you’ll pass on the straw and drink directly out of the cup instead.

Cutlery: Ordering takeout or delivery? Request that no plastic cutlery be included with your order and use your own cutlery instead. Alternatively, bring your own cutlery with you when you are on the go. Your friends will be impressed when you pull that spork out of your purse.

Coffee Pods: Make the switch to a French press or Melitta-style coffee dripper instead. You won’t be left with the bitter taste of your environmental footprint after that cup of joe.

Plastic Bags: Don’t leave the house without your reusable grocery and produce bags.

Take Out Containers: Bring your own Tupperware and reusable mugs when eating out. Let your local coffee shops and restaurants know that you want your takeout order served in your reusable cup or Tupperware. You’d be surprised how many local businesses are happy to save the planet and themselves some on packaging.

Waste Reduction Weeks runs October 16-22 but make use of these tips all year long.

Cleaning up the yard is easier with your green cart

This fall, enjoy the convenience of using your green cart as you get your yard and garden ready for winter.  Leaves, pine cones, branches (up to 6” in diameter and 4 feet in length), old annuals and pumpkins can all go in the green cart for weekly collection and will be turned into nutrient rich compost.

Three step checklist for fall yard waste

  1. Fill your green cart first. Yard waste can go directly inside the cart; there’s no need to bag it first.
  2. If your cart is full, simply use paper yard waste bags and roll down the top. Home and garden or grocery stores sell paper yard waste bags. They’re usually sold in packs of five. Please don’t use plastic garbage bags. These bags will not be collected since they contaminate the compost.
  3. Place the bags approx. one foot away from the cart for collection, so you can walk between the cart and the bag. Bags should be easily lifted (max. 20 kg).

During busy fall periods, to ensure our crews stay on schedule we may not be able to collect all of your extra yard waste bags right away. Please leave them out and we’ll pick them up as soon as possible.

Other options for disposing of yard waste are available at

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