This week, on Thursday January 25th, 2018, there was an unveiling of Reflection and Flow, a public art project by Michael Grills at the Canyon Meadows Aquatic Centre. This project was the result of a City of Calgary program to educate artists on how to use community engagement in their practice. The project was funded by the City’s Public Art program that stipulates(d) 1% of renovation budgets for public art. Since the Aquatic Centre has just undergone a renovation, it had the duty to provide public art.

6 artists were chosen to present their ideas for the Aquatic Centre. A jury of community members (some pictured above) chose Michael Grills (center). Michael invited the community out for 2 evenings. One evening was spent walking around and sharing stories about the community and another evening was spent creating artwork that was used as texture in the completed pieces.

The result is a relevant series of artwork that we hope the whole community will enjoy. Check it out next time you’re in the Aquatic Centre!

Michael Grills with gopher image

Michael Grills with Cougar Fishing for Coi image at the unveiling

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