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Our mission is to serve Canyon Meadows by providing social, recreational, and community programs and events, and be a hub for community engagement.

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Living in by the Numbers:

Canyon Meadows is 18th out of 185 communities in 2019!

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Whether it's a few hours per month or a few hours per year, CMCA can always use help with events or fundraising. Take the opportunity to connect with neighbours, share your skills and build new ones! Check out the next event below that requires volunteers or review all events.

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CMCA Basketball Courts

CMCA Basketball Courts

CMCA Basketball CourtsCMCA now has two basketball courts painted onto the west rink surface. The nets were replaced recently too, so it makes for a great place to bring your friends and practice your jumpshot!

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Waste & Recycling Services Update

Waste & Recycling Services Update

Leave your grass clippings on the lawn! A natural way to deal with your grass clippings it to leave them on your lawn after mowing. Grass clippings will quickly break down, returning nutrients to the soil. This helps save you time and effort while letting your yard...

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Blue Cart Recycling Tip of the Month – Bags

Blue Cart Recycling Tip of the Month – Bags

Bag your bags! Always bundle your plastic bags before recycling Loose plastic bags cause problems at the recycling facility. They fly around, become stuck in other recyclables, jam equipment and cause costly delays. Bundle your plastic bags into a single bag before...

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Learn More About the Hopscotch Before & After School Care in Canyon Meadows
Looking for Volunteers for our Tot Time spot on Wednesday Mornings. Help bring some social time for these little people in and around the community.

Have kids that need to climb? Find a playground or park near you!





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